SAP TClass – The Definition

  • TCLAS=A –>Transaction Class for Personnel Administration
  • TCLAS=B–>Transaction class for Recruitment

This transaction class sometimes has confused us as functional consultants. We just need to understand that whenever you write a dynamic action, if you are writing one for PA infotypes that use TCLAS=A and if for Recruitment use TCLAS= B before you begin writing the code for the dynamic action. Let us compare the Personnel Administration infotypes and Recruitment Infotypes.

  • Personnel Administration
  • IT0000 – Personnel Actions
  • IT0001- Organizational Assignment
  • IT0002-Personal Data…and so on
  • Recruitment
  • IT4000- Applicant Actions
  • IT0001- Organizational Assignment
  • IT0002-Personal Data.. and so no

    If you can see above both the personnel administration and the recruitment modules use a lot of the similar infotypes to store data . You can verify this by going to the PA infotype through pa20 , choosing IT0001 and choosing any field and that press key <F1> to view technical details and you dothe same when you go to display applicant master data under transaction data through pb20 where you choose any applicant , select and view infotype Organizational Assignment (IT0001) and than press key<F1> to view technical details.

In both the cases you will see the same tech specs for IT0001 of Personnel Administration and IT0001 for Recruitment. So how should your dynamic action, BADI or any program know which infotype 0001 to choose , whether Personnel Administration or Recruitment. That is where TCLAS comes in use.

When you choose TCLAS= A you are referring to all infotype tables PA0001, PA0002 ,… PA* And when you choose TCAS = B you are referring to all infotypes tables PB0001,PB0002,… PB*


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