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4 Responses to “Usefull Links”

  1. djwalker Says:

    Hi Harry,

    I research and write about employee benefits in Indonesia. I am particular interested in the Jamsostek Social security benefits. I am trying to find website with English language information about the current benefits (NOT Law 40). I was able to find an annual report for 2006 at the Jamsostek site, but no yet for 2007. Can you suggest?



  2. harrypoe Says:

    Hi djwalker,
    I think it’s quite difficult to finc such a Government regulation and/or documentation in english version.
    I’m also still trying to find it. Wishes in jamsostek website there is a feature in english version, but actually they don’t have.

  3. Dave Says:

    Thanks for the reply Harry

  4. Andrew Says:

    Hi, I would like to recommend u guys to check out my website

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