SAP HR Utilities Report II : Others

  • RGUGBR00 : Substitution/Validation utility

Delimit IT1000 and related 1001s. Program will delete any 1001 infotypes whose start date is after the delimit date.


Extend the end date on delimited records. Very useful when you delimit a bunch of records incorrectly, and need to change the end date.


Delimit IT1001 only.


RHGRENZ0/2 will abend if there are any inconsistencies between PD and PA (i.e. people in a different controlling area than the position they belong to).

  • RPDTRA00

List all HR transactions.

  • RPUAUD00

HR Report to list all logged changes for an employee. Uses the PCL4 Audit Cluster.


HR Report to delete audit data from the PCL4 Audit Cluster.


Delete all info for an employee number, including cluster data and infotypes

  • RPUP1D00/10

View/Delete data from PCL1 Cluster

  • RPUP2D00/10

View/Delete data from PCL2 Cluster

  • RPUP3D00/10

View/Delete data from PCL3 Cluster

  • RPUP4D00/10

View/Delete data from PCL4 Cluster


Mass print/display of ABAP/4 help text

  • RSINCL00

Extended program list


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