a Resolution in a wall : Happy New Year 2008

Tears a wind blew the wall. It wets. It kept silents. Never talk. Never claim. No arguing. The things that will always capture the whole activities of the human being. Always. A truly silent withness which we rely on facing the fact of our life, both of the past and the future notes. Nobody else. Some may concern about his presence, but some may not. Depend on they willing. The people can disobey the wall but not in vice versa. It alway accompany the people in his manner. Giving a a secure feeling and comfort. And be as the guideline to the path of our footsteps backward and forward.

But tonight, in the rainy night in the earlier of a new year 2008, the wall that keep our past, should be redrawn. Should be painted with some new hopes, alas with the new piece of picture life of ours. a New resolution in our realm. Yes. Without treat it with the new, it almost like an obselete companion of ours. Rebuild our own wall with the new resolution. Our personal life target. It will therefore act as our personal guard and guideline thorough the year 2008. Your new Resolution in your own wall.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008 GUYS. For the year 2008, wishes that Fakjar & Pai may find their each true love and get married soon otherwise will become as an obselete creature already, Fakjar may start to use the new cameras as a master while Pai always given a suitable chance in finding his disk cleaner, always about PABX, Bro Hartono always get a good crack mobile software and a healthy cute baby someday at the end of year 2008, always ‘Kuda’ club and A-Z about handphone , Bottie or Blung Broti practices with his new peugeuot and his healthy twin babies approximately in February 2008, keep always your motto “Duit bukan masalah..” and giving a ‘Muka Boker’ always. Faber has a nice ‘blue’ job in other firms and thanks for the farewell party, I won’t be forget with the number ’17’ that was given by you, Bonding as his new cut-hair style choosen at last, Ruddy Lim can have his own kelapa sawit plantation on .. (?) and may his family be more comfort and steady life in Jakarta,keep your words “Bukan masalah duit..” against Bottie’s motto, Adrianus can keep with his enthusiasm of his SAP jobs, the existing office and the damn SAP bugs and government regulation, be a master in his photograph carrier, Freddy starting to have his own reksadana and being as SAP MM consultant, always about saving,saving and saving, Hirosji keep his generosity to others and making a billion dollar from his bakery products, and no more traffic jam in Cibubur,hope so, Asep , my best friend in Legenda Malaka,Batam, keep your fight on making your own business, God bless you all the time, ‘Rie, Jumatan bareng yuk’ still in my mind always, Agung, my dearest neighbor and brother at Manyar 6, wish you luck and finishing the scholarship asap, and becoming as a top leader in the Local Government Office, keep my warmest hugs and kisses to my dearest Aisah and your Dodi, hoping for a new baby also at approx in the mid of this year,  Others, that can’t be named specifically, wish you all the best, and last but not least Me, myself can introduce my wet dream B2W in reality, no more NATO for the case.

I’d like to express my gratitude for all of your warm friendships, support and cooperation during year 2007. Without you, guys, I’m none and nothing. Hope it won’t be last forever. And guys, don’t forget … Rebuild your own wall with the new hopes. a Resolution for year 2008.

Happy New Year 2008

Jakarta, 00:00 AM, 01 January 2008


4 Responses to “a Resolution in a wall : Happy New Year 2008”

  1. Bottie Says:

    wakakaka…. happy new year juga Pret Har. Semoga ide bisnisnya jalan mulus, sehingga bisa tercapai cita2 (1)retire young (2)retire reach nya… (yang pertama sudah lewat kali ya… yang kedua boleh lah… masih bisa dikejar hehehe…)

  2. aRi Says:

    Thanks mas atas doa dan sarannya… moga-moga tercapai juga cita-citanya mas…

    Mudah-mudahan taun lebih bisa lebih baik deh, ga usah disibukan sama acara debugging… coding… nungging… *halahh* gara-gara SAP terkutuk itu…

  3. Aisah & Family Says:

    semoga tahun ini lu bisa mengejar ketingggalan elu dari gua hik hik…..

  4. Agung Says:

    All best things and wishes for you tooo….bro
    Hope you’ll find whatever you search for in this short life…
    Warm kisses for You and M’Mimi too


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