PY-ID Another Definition of Some Wage Type

Definitions :

  1. WT /564 : Hold net pay generated in the original pay run
  2. WT /560 : Hold the difference between original net pay figure & new net pay total

If an employee net pay was IDR 1 mio in the original pay run and IDR 1,1 mio in the second run, WT /564 will hold IDR 1 mio and WT /560 will hold IDR 100,000

  • If the net pay is reduced, a claim (WT /561) is generated.
  • If re-running payroll that has already been run and the bank file is stamped as transferred, then you run a payroll for the same period again (which is in itself not good practice), then the value in WT /560 amount paid will not change, any difference in calculation will be get brought forward into WT /564 (advance payment)


  1. WT /552 (subs clearing/prev.month)

When payroll result are posted to Accounting, the system checks the balance of the line item to be posted is zero for each employee and payroll result. For this reason, WT /551 (Recalculation Difference) and WT /552 (Sub Clearing/prev.month) must be coded in customizing as relevant for posting. If this is not the case, the balance per payroll result would not be zero if recalculation differences occured, because the amount of WT /559 (Bank Transfer) is not changed retroactively.


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