a Beginning

After all the time, haven’t refreshed my blog yet, I realize that I miss a chip of my life-story in the blog.
Soon after the silence clock start clicking, I found myself that I am now living at Jakarta, The MOTHER OF CITY (read as : ibukota, ha ha). Put behind all the things I had before and after spending almost my fully 12 years living in Batam, “The CITY OF LUCK”.

Brought for nothing only a small set of shirt and pants, stepping ahead looking for other prospectus job and colleagues, a poetry life style and a small cup of generosity of the earth.
Here, here and here I am at the “MOTHER OF CITY”.
Being lonely and dispute at the beginning to try to understand the life cycle for making such a good thing in the city. Apparently also trying to search my reasonable thinking just to conclude the idea about “WHY DID I MOVED ON TO THIS CITY”.

Now, after all some good aside bad lucks, some helps and supports from trust able & Lovely wife (thank Mimi, you mean a lot for me) and my dear family altogether and other good creature who accompany me a lot, a cheerful smiley of bad driver on the jam roads, a gang of attractive colleague in my new office (thank guys, you help me a lot for this) .
Therefore, I can move my tiny footstep towards the future challenges offered by the city. Struggling for A Hope, A New Hope and A New Hope Again….
Staring at the way I post myself onto the city-life things that giving me a crystal clear understanding that I’m now a part of “MOTHER OF CITY” citizen and get use to deal with…
A civilize city with a very rude monkey-drivers on the thin roads.
A civilize city with a humble idiot government.
A civilize city with a crowd of junk lies pushing away the truth-believing in mind.
A civilize city with a full good hopes behind the scene.
A civilize city in the depth of misery.
I am in it.
I belong to her now.
My city.
My Jakarta.
Long live JAKARTA.
Long live Jakarta.
Long live everything.
Hidup Jakarta!!


This story was written after my 5.5 months living in Jakarta.

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2 Responses to “a Beginning”

  1. hartono Says:

    welcome to the so called “mother of the cities”

  2. Upil VS Polusi « Harry Poernomo Says:

    […] Recent Comments harrypoe on Kinantiharrypoe on Egois nya 1 ManusiaBottie on Egois nya 1 ManusiaBottie on Kinantihartono on a Beginning […]

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